Meeting Pastor Aruldas!

Joshua’s pastor, and my great encouragor, pastor Aruldas (affectionately known as Arulappa) with me today to convey the spiritual background of what we are facing and ministering to. I am at a loss to convey it in words, as i dont want to be redundant, so all I can say is that we are getting fire from heaven so we can proclaim mercy, grace and peace from the Lord to the earth.

As we prayed, the Lord spoke this to me:
“Go with the anointing of Jeremiah, understanding that the word you bring will pluck up and tear down, as well as to build and plant.
You are to speak to souls mercy, and to the prevailing controlling spirits over the city that have oppressed for centuries, a death sentence”.

This gives me a mandate that only the Lord could help me bear. Through Him, I am up for it.

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  1. Indi-Andy Says:
    this link is a great help in bearing the calling of Jeremiah, whether it be event specific, or general (in that it applies to all of us)

  2. Indi-Andy Says:

    Found another good resource and posted to their site after reading

    “In reading your article:

    I got inspired as it fit so wonderfully with what God was affirming to me about our upcoming crusade tomorrow.

    God spoke Jer 1:10 as a promise to me for this time and I found your article.

    Please finish parts 2 and 3. I might be able to serve as an object lesson for part 2!”


  3. Bob Hirtzel Says:

    Have you in my thoughts and prayers.

    I asked the Lord, “What can I tell him that will edify him?” The Lord said, “Tell him, ‘I am with him.’”

    There is no doubt then when the Lord of the Universe is with you. Remember the mustard seed. Every time you speak even one word, the Holy Spirit has an oportunity opened to birth new children into the Kingdom. Just speak the words. It will happen. The Lord is with you!

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