Joshua report from 2004 crusade

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 2004 was an year of impact i call it coz the crusades powerfully impacted chengulpet( and surrounding villages) as well as every church and pastors. We saw the awesome HAND of GOD Transform people and change their lives for eternity. Throught the crusades not only heaps of people got saved but also it helped us to get to know the pastors and form a close fellowship and network with them to futhere help spread the Awesome, Powerful, Living Word of God and build His Kingdom.

Pastor Andrew and his Team came with a burden and Gods love was demostrated throught them in am awesome way. The word of God came out in Power and in love. The Grace of God sweapt through the ground and brought people to repentance and except Lord Jesus as their Saviour and King. Amen to what God is doing in india chennai through Pastor Andrew Deal.

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  1. cobain Says:

  2. Indi-Andy Says:

    cobain.. I saw the website you cite a few days ago, and i read the premises within. Although, i understand the concerns posted within, I walked away with a clear conscience regarding our own actions in India.

    The very steroeotyping your concerns (if you are a publisher or advocate of site) are based on are unfortunately present in the terms by which you judge Christian ministry.

    regarding the article you cite, CGI stands against all forms of slavery, especially when condoned on a religious basis as Hinduism has done via the caste travesty, as well as in the US South. They both serve as systems that cause shame to all that have upheld them in a religious context.

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